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Who We Are

The Team

Robert Nixon,filmmaker, naturalist and founder of Wings Over America, is a master falconer and has mentored the team of community youth who are now the full time staff managers of a remarkable program.

Rodney Stotts, Pioneer member of the EARTH conservation Corps brings 22 years of experience to the equally practical arts of training birds and engaging urban youth in nature. Rodney believes that all human beings in these times yearn for, need and will benefit from reconnection to the natural world.
Rodney is responsible for all all aspects of the operation with youth.

Robert West is loaned through a partnership with Earth Conservation Corps, manages the intake and long tern training and reconditioning plan of birds. Robert , a 2007 graduate of the Earth Conservation Corps Americorps program has turned an internship at The American Eagle Foundation in an eight years of employment. After rising curator of birds Robert decided to return to DC to help expand the Raptor program that changed his life. Robert brings best practices to this finishing school to ensure maximum results for both raptor and youth.

Mark Turner; head of Greenspur builders, a leading design building firm in sustainable development partners with Wings, training and mentoring youth to create the site and learning best practices in green building.

Suzanne Shoemaker, of the Owl Moon Raptor Center, a licensed rehabilitator and biologist, consults and advises the team, assessing injured birds, creating a reconditioning plan and working with team to advise and oversee implementation.

We appreciate and value the growing ranks of funders and volunteer network who help with the monumental task of adaptively reinventing our abandoned farm into a state of the art facility.

New Beginnings and Capital Guardian youth are and an integral part of the barn and site clean up, giving countless hours to the hard work of restoration of the site and many hours to the vision. They continue to work alongside green building experts as well as the surrounding 880 acres that we are transforming into a wild bird sanctuary.

Our Advisory Board-

Al Cecere – America Eagle Foundation, Tennessee

John Turner –  former Chief US Fish and Wildlife Service

Wendy Paulson – RARE

Peter Jenny – Peregrine Fund

Patrick Noonan – Conservation Fund and Friends of John Smith Chesapeake Trail

Janice Dickinson – Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

John French   – US Geological Survey and Bird Research Center

Brad Knudson – US Fish & Wildlife Service, Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge

Fred Tutman — Patuxent Riverkeeper

Bobby Nixon– Intern